Company Profile


Electrotech the independent Control Systems Specialist providing that essential link between client needs and potential benefits of advanced control system technology. Whether for Building Management/HVAC systems or Process Control systems Electrotech have the solution. Electrotech’s engineers are proficient in system design, software configuration, installation and commissioning. The company standards is committed to quality inaccordance with the ISO 9001 Quality Standard.

ELECTROTECH is an innovative control systems specialist.

We are a systems integrator with the skill and experience to provide that essential link between your design brief and the latest advances in building services and environmental control technology.

Control systems to monitor and report on plant status so providing the user with access to service control systems and graphic displays.

Systems include trend logging, optimum energy use, maintenance logs and plant run times.

Systems surveys and feasibility studies

A service, which offers the user the option of, extended use from an installed system with the added benefit of improved capability and performance.

Comprehensive Maintenance Services
Services offered range from a basic check of system operations against design requirements to a detailed inspection of all system components followed by a report and recommendation. Request a copy of a typical maintenance schedule.

User Training and Re-Training

A service to ensure you get the best out of an installed system and more. The service includes re-training following control system modification and or upgrading as well as for new personnel who may not be fully conversant with a systems operation.


Project Management

System Design – every attention to the engineering detail ensures that all equipment, plant and points to be controlled or monitored are accurately recorded on the project plan via quality input/output schedules.


Commissioning – a critical and very important phase of the project. Failure to commission the control system in conjunction with the plant it is to control will result in inefficient operation of the plant, increased running times with reduced operational life, wasted energy with increased fuel bills.


Electrotech personnel have specialised in Trend building management system products since 1986.